Welcome To Harmoneee / Yellow – Violet

Welcome to the Harmoneee blog aka “Yellow-Violet”. I’m Evan, you’ll get to know more about me along the way. YV will serve as my personal hub to share my thoughts, opinions, and anything else I see fit to share with the world. I really don’t like social media anymore; it seems to come off as a place where people do more attention seeking than connecting. Then again social media, like life, is all about who’s in your circle and what you make of it. I began to realize that not everything needed to be shared. It’s best to live in the moment and just experience life. Not to say that there’s anything wrong with capturing the moment or posting, but when your thoughts go from “oh this would be a nice picture” to “oh I gotta post this online” something’s got to change. Anyways over the past couple of months I’ve been toying around with the idea 💡 of harmoneee. I’ve been out of wack for some time looking for the thing that would make me feel complete inside. It wasn’t until I was challenged by a former friend to look within and ask “are you in love with yourself?” A weird question to me at first. But that person was right. It was time to do some soul searching. After looking into what it meant to be “whole” I came up with the idea of Harmoneee.

Normally when someone isn’t in tune with themselves they can feel overwhelmed, angry, frustrated, lost, and confused. This can be due to negative thoughts which lead to poor decision making that ultimately leads to negative feelings. When a person allows their thoughts, feelings, and actions to work in agreement without overwhelming each other then that person has achieved inner piece (Harmony). Achieving that is the challenging part.

Harmoneee is for anyone that believes that life ultimately comes down to love, open-minded thinking, creativity, wisdom trusting your intuition, and embracing spirituality.

What’s Yellow-Violet?

After stumbling across information about indigo children, I decided to look into auras and their personality traits. We all have an aura. It’s the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to be generated by and surround a person. Auras also have the ability to be characterized by color, and after doing some research I came across a few websites that helped identify mine. I personally identified with both Yellow and Violet as my primary colors (hence the name). While I don’t believe in categorizing people down to a T, I do suggest people look into it. It’s interesting.
Here’s some links:
Aura questionnaire
Auras and Chakras

In my opinion man/woman were not put on this earth to live the way in which we are. I think we lost ourselves along the way, damaging ourselves and our environment. Unfortunately we’re too stubborn to go back to the drawing board. Things that were supposed to improve our lives by being faster and more efficient have become the standard with little to no improvement along the way. I think we were all put on this Earth to make this place better by the time we leave it. Like a puzzle if we all do our part, then this beautiful place can finally come together. My job (one of them) is to create. I plan to use this tool as my personal canvas.

I’m on a mission to become the best version of myself. As I develop I plan to share info that could possibly help someone along the way. With that being said, let’s get to it….

⁃ Evan

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